Tips for Traveling with Friends

I am the type of person who avoids traveling with work colleagues. The reason is simple, the time is every day you meet at the office and then vacation must meet you too. This is Man vacation, how would you like a vacation if you see one of you pictured a job.

Well, if you guys want to take a walk with me, there are some rules that we must agree on. this is actually a tip or a list of rules? It’s the same anyway, the edges will be tips for those of you who want to hang out with friends at work.

1. Don’t Discuss Work

The holidays are not so cool if someone is talking about work let alone open a laptop and each of them is still struggling with a device. Hey, we’re on vacation, not changing jobs! So please don’t have to carry the laptop. If the cellphone can still be forgiven, but don’t check every 5 minutes every e-mail and every 10 minutes call with a job topic.

2. Own Cost

Because we are traveling on behalf of the person not in the framework of the office of the official fees and does not take advantage of company facilities. So that it will not be a moral burden or will be razed by the rich members of the board who picnic using public money. If you want a picnic that is some distance away and a large budget can be collected with the social gathering system, installments every month. Wow, if we want to go to Europe for a picnic next year we will see one million a month. Then shake it up to a thousand full moons so that you can have a picnic at Antarika as well.

So that everyone is happy, including the boss at the office, costs to go for a picnic by himself.

3. Permission of All Parties

This permit is very important especially from big bosses because when most residents of the office take time off on the streets there must be a delegated job and responsibility and the person delegated responsibility must be legowo. Do not forget to ask permission husband / wife and girlfriend, do not say official but you are originally traveling with friends from the office. Then after the trip scattered photos with office friends who made the couple jealous.

4. Choose the Right Day

Because everyone has responsibilities so it’s impossible to leave the office for too long. The solution is to choose a weekend or take advantage of a national holiday close to the weekend or national day. For a one-bedol village trip, ideally 3-5 days. Imagine if the office went on vacation for one week, wow, it could close the office.

5. Sharing Duties & Responsibilities

Like the world of work in travel or traveling there is a division of tasks and responsibilities. The goal is that not just one person who hassles and everyone can enjoy the vacation. Suppose someone takes care of booking plane tickets, hotels, consumption and documentation.

6. Remove status and position

During the trip, cancel your status and position in the office so that your traveling becomes more free but still maintains norms and politeness. For some people it is difficult to withdraw from the element of domination, this is the right time to learn more grounded. Because one of the essence of travel is to get new experiences and provide inner enrichment. How to be ready to teach your boss to travel backpacker style!

7. Small Groups

Because this is a vacation and not an employee gathering or work visit, there should not be many people, ideally only 6 people so that we are not busy alone or even form small groups during the trip.

8. Be happy

Sometimes the journey is not always perfect, so it would be nice in any condition, all people still think positive. If there are problems solved together. For example all of a sudden you missed the flight, then what is the solution? Yes, buy a new ticket and ask for the money with the boss in installments when you get home on vacation.

9. Souvenirs

So that everyone in the office sincerely with a picnic you should go home with souvenirs so that if you want to travel further next year get the support of many people, especially the boss. This is not licking you know, but just making things easier