Three best cities in the USA to visit on a 3-day trip?

Places to visit on a 3-day trip are far too many, but the time may be too short to cover all. But for readers and intending tourists who wish to enjoy a fun-filled trip, we have got you covered as there are cities in the US with never-ending fun and full of energy from day one to the last day. Thus, get yourself ready for the journey either through a road trip, short flight, or train. Off we go! During your 3 days trip, you will be acquainted with American special meals, cultures, and live tunes.        

Arguably, what makes a good trip can be decided by well-thinking individuals, who know what they want in a trip. And what makes it entertaining is the exclusive sense of place, drinks, good food, and the best of what the city has in stock for one to enjoy. I can bet that after a 3-days trip to the cities listed below, you would wish every day was a holiday.

Continue reading and get prepared to pack your bags and baggage to enjoy your trip in a city that is most loved and cherished by everyone (America). The next thing for you is to book for yourself a nice and affordable hotel. If you are looking for a good hotel to stay, you should go through a list of hotel brands reviews on US-Reviews. You will get to know the hotels that are nice and affordable as well as those that are very expensive and/or provide very poor services. This will ensure you do not regret your trip because of the accommodation you opted for. Undoubtedly, the United States of America is so big and there are many places to visit from one state to another.

Las Vegas

An example of one of the cities you should visit is Las Vegas popularly called the Sin City. It is a city that gamblers love to visit. Therefore, if you love gambling, Las Vegas would be a nice city for you to visit on a 3-day trip.

New York City

You may also wish to visit New York City if you are a city person as it has one of the finest shopping centers in the world with no dull moments. It is a city known by everyone who has never slept because of the merriment that goes on and on all through the night. If you like rocking and painting the town at night, this is a place for you to visit. In New York City, there are nice restaurants that sell good delicacies and wonderful bars and clubhouses. 


Are you a quiet person that enjoys the peace and serenity of a rural area, then visit Alabama. Alabama is a city to stay and cool off your head from the stress and pressure of the city. For a lover of Music and Movies that wish to see their favorite actors, Los Angeles is a city you should visit. But make sure you go with your camera to capture your lovely and memorable moments.

Furthermore, because of the size and landmass of America, there are beautiful places that one can visit on a 3-day trip with endless options. The places earlier mentioned above, are among the best. Nonetheless, there are still more places to visit where you can enjoy yourself. One of the places to see in the United States of America is Olympic National Park in Washington. It is a place that hikers love to visit having majestic and gigantic mountains as you can also enjoy a fishing trip in Olympic National Park.