Beautiful Beach
These Beaches Have The Whitest Sand In The World

beautiful beach

The calm, azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico lap up on a powdered-sugar shoreline with minimal development and spectacular sunsets. With Mayan ruins in the background, this white sand paradise is accented by clear water and colourful fishing boats; meanwhile, festive locals salsa dance on close by Playa Esperanza.

The water off its Furuzamami Beach is in a category of its own. Its secluded location provides to its allure and it is accessible by climbing up and over a hill, via a slim tree-lined path. Maya Bay is a stunningly lovely, sheltered bay on Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi.

Iceland won’t conjure up pictures of a seaside trip, but the black sand beaches of its southernmost city, Vik, are value exploring. It’s exhausting to choose only one wonderful beach in Hawaii, however Polihale Beach on Kauai’s west coast is perfect for those seeking a little bit of isolation and calm. … Read More