Found: The clearest ocean waters on Earth

beautiful beach

Sparkling emerald water and soft white sands are surrounded by vegetation-covered 250 ft (75 m) cliffs. The beach can solely be reached by boat or by foot on a mud trail via a crack in a rock wall with a couple of dozen uneven, slippery-sandy steps. Clearwater Beach’s well-deserved popularity as considered one of America’s best beaches has lured numerous families and couples to its broad, sandy shores and beachfront motels. Spread alongside a slim, three-mile stretch of the Pinellas Peninsula on the Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach straddles the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west and tranquil Tampa Bay to the east.

Dam Trau Beach is pretty near an airport, so guests can anticipate to see some occasional low-flying planes. Otherwise, the beach is surrounded by parts of a tropical jungle, a forest plentiful with bamboo and pine bushes, providing guests a fascinating really feel of being in their own little world.

Unlike other elements of the world, the sand here is all the time cool, so you possibly can stroll about freely with naked toes. As for the water, it was the warmest sea water I’ve ever been in. I thought I’d by no means … Read More