Beautiful Beach
Pink sand seashores Bahamas really pink?

beautiful beach

Banana Beach, Koh Hey (Coral) Island, Phuket, Thailand

For many of the world’s oceans, your answer would be right. Pure water is completely clear, of course — but when there is plenty of water, and the water is very deep in order that there aren’t any reflections off the ocean flooring, the water appears as a very darkish navy blue. The cause the ocean is blue is because of the absorption and scattering of sunshine. The blue wavelengths of sunshine are scattered, similar to the scattering of blue gentle in the sky but absorption is a much bigger factor than scattering for the clear ocean water.

Some resorts even have underwater eating places, surrounding diners with ample fish and shining sea. This in style seashore even has a small beach shack the place you possibly can rent innertubes or boogie boards during the summer time. This lengthy stretch of white … Read More