Get the best cost of wedding packages in Santorini

Elegant, bright, authentic — your wedding deserves to be special, your own fairy tale. Therefore, we work with you individually, and offer choice Santorini wedding packages, prices and services.

At the same time, the best Santorini wedding prices are often more profitable than in your home capital. And the enchanting emotions and unreal beauty of the island make weddings truly priceless. We solve the most complex and unique requests that mass organizers cannot handle. At the same time, we are able to optimize the budget and find the best wedding in Santorini cost, representing your interests.

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For your best emotions on your Romantic trip take your Santorini (Greece) wedding package:

  1. A marriage proposal appears in girls’ dreams even more often than the wedding itself, because this is a moment of absolute love and trust. A wedding is a message “I want to love and protect this person forever” sent to the world. A marriage proposal is the same message, said personally and for the first time.
    The intimacy and significance of this moment cannot be overestimated, and we create for your weddings an atmosphere that will be remembered for a lifetime: a romantic candlelit dinner, a panoramic views with live music, a yacht trip, a helicopter flight over the beach, or any other option of your dreams.
  2. An Orthodox Church wedding on Santorini is a beautiful and sincere ceremony, always distinguished by the depth of the lived experience. This is a real connection of two hearts on a paradise island, not for the sake of pathos, but in the name of true love.
    In Greece, the Church wedding has legal force and is equated to a civil registration of marriage. The Church wedding venue gives the girl the opportunity to have the wedding she always wanted: a quiet sacrament for two in a small church or temple, a white dress and a narrow church aisle through which the bride goes to her lover.
  3. An official wedding ceremony on Santorini gives your marriage legal status around the world, but only here you truly live your main day in love, tenderness and the charm of heaven on earth.
    Only authorized coordinators, residents of Greece, can organize civil wedding in Santorini. We resolve all issues with municipal authorities.
  4. Symbolic wedding ceremonies are famous all over the world, wonderful and memorable. If you decide to separate the holiday from the bureaucracy and organize a wedding in one of the winery villas in the bosom of picturesque Greek landscapes. This is a balanced decision for those who dream to get married with a wedding fairy tale as well as get a good cost, simple deal with documents and quick organization. And besides the private ceremony for two is one of cheap Santorini wedding packages available.