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Myanmar is one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia. Myanmar was once called Burma. This country was not yet on the list of tourists visiting Asia. Now Myanmar is glimpsed because of the better condition of the country.

There are several tourist destinations that attract thousands of tourists to come to the country. Most of them are building destinations such as temples. However, nature tourism has also begun to be developed such as Inle Lake, Hpa-An mountains and Mergui islands.

Because the Myanmar government is still trying to develop the tourism sector in their country, some tourists who have visited Myanmar summarize some tips for other travelers when they visit Myanmar.

1. Book a hotel in Myanmar well in advance

Hotels that are fully occupied during the holiday season are common. Likewise in Myanmar. By booking a hotel at Novotel Yangon Max you can book a hotel at an affordable price, to book online, you can visit: before you arrive in Myanmar.

2. Using local currency

Bringing local currencies is a recommendation for traveling around the world. Local currency can certainly be used smoothly to pay for goods or services unless you visit large stores or shopping centers.

The currency of Myanmar is called Kyat. The exchange rate is around 1,350 Kyats per US dollar. If you vacation in Myanmar, at least bring as much as $ 100 or 135,000 Kyat. Because Myanmar has relatively few ATM machines (only around 1,000) in some places, that kind of money is enough for 3-4 days of your trip to tourist destinations, such as to Lake Inle in the Shan District.

3. There are several ATM machines at tourist sites

Although there are not too many ATM machines yet, in several places in Myanmar there are already many such as at the Mandalay airport, on the main road of New Bagan and on Lake Inle. In addition, the use of credit cards can also be done in Myanmar, such as in several hotels. You need to ask first if the hotel accepts credit card payments.

4. Apply for a visa through an online visa

A week before you decide to go to Myanmar, try making a Visa through Myanmar e-Visa. This method is recommended, because it’s the easiest way to get a visa, rather than having to go back and forth to the Myanmar embassy office.

According to some tourists, an E-Visa is sent to prospective tourist emails after 3 working days.

5. Using bus at night

most people in Myanmar and some tourists take Myanmar buses at night. There are advantages and disadvantages when you decide to take the bus. Like for example the condition of the roads which some parts are still not good, but also the bus driver who drives at speed.

However, when you take the bus, you don’t spend too much time. For example, if you go to Lake Inle through Bagan Baru or Myanmar’s capital, Naypyidaw, you will arrive at the location around 3 or … Read More